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2008-05-27 17:46:26 by kevindarkhammer



2008-05-19 17:16:01 by kevindarkhammer

im a hacker in dragonfable mechquest and adventure quest and i diddnt get caught

stick guitarist

2008-04-28 18:00:56 by kevindarkhammer

some stuff i submitted got blammed but i dont care cuz they sucked so i decided to make flash of a stick with a guitar so i did but i wont submitted for 14 days because of the damn newgrounds users blamming everything

i got flash

2008-04-27 12:51:39 by kevindarkhammer

a couple of days ago i got macromedia flash 8 CS3 professional and made some flash but they got rudly blammed so today i decided to make some new flash i tried a newgrounds tribute using the logos and stuff and wellah some great flash was born

i got flash

madness themes out

2008-04-26 08:19:45 by kevindarkhammer

my madness theme songs are finally on newgrounds i have 2 of them the 2d one is better check them out


2008-04-21 10:03:56 by kevindarkhammer

yeah i just changed my profile with some cool graphics i found


good news and bad news

2008-04-20 07:42:57 by kevindarkhammer

well the good news is i might be co-authored the bad news is if im gonna make a kickass animation i need flash first ill try to scrape up somecash and make NG proud


2008-03-27 11:47:52 by kevindarkhammer

hello i am warhammer the virtual verson of me so i must notify people that i will probly not submitflash for a year or two so for now just give me ideas for my new series newgrounds at war